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Verniece Wyles

Verniece Wyles, M. Ed.
Spiritual Intuitive

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Spiritual Intuitive Counselor

Sentinel's Voice: Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness

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Through a unique combination of professional, Spiritual Intuitive & psychic skills, Verniece provides a unique program of services for self-development to assist you in bringing out the true light within yourself. Your inner Self can assist you in identifying where you are emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. As you work with this process you are able to let go of the sabotage to yourself. You find that you DO know where you want to go in life. You find the inner peace and balance within that can guide you through the obstacles in life. Verniece can provide information, training, and Spiritual Intuitive counseling in the following areas: creativity, career, communication, learning skills, relationships, performance, and in developing the Spiritual Intuitive Self.

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